What You Need to Know Before Buying a Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe is a name that has become synonymous with a luxury lifestyle. If you are considering buying a Patek Philippe watch, then you’re in luck. We have put together a guide on what you need to know before buying Patek Philippe watches. This will help ensure that you purchase the ideal watch for your needs and wants.

When it comes to luxury watches, Patek Philippe is a watchmaker that has been around for a very long time. Founded in 1839, this Swiss company has learned a thing or two about designing beautiful and high-quality timepieces. Currently, Patek Philippe is churning out around 50,000 watches annually. Out of those, around 70% are men's mechanical watches. Being independent and family-owned since its founding has allowed this watchmaker to stay true to its roots, while knowing when to innovate.

When it comes to selecting a Patek Philippe watch, you have around 200 models to choose from! That is quite a collection, which makes it necessary to split them up into different families. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is a highly popular family but there are also others like the Calatrava, Aquanaut, Complicated, and Grand Complication.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus comes in many variations. For instance, the one that is simply known as a Nautilus is one that lacks complications and features the standard three hands (seconds, minutes, hours). The version that features an annual calendar is called the annual calendar Nautilus. That sounds simple enough, yet there is a bit more complexity to understand when it comes to Patek Philippe watches. That is because high-end watch collectors don't refer to the models by their name. Instead, they use the official reference number or model number. For example, if we take the standard Patek Philippe Nautilus sporting three hands and no complications, we find that it is called the 5711/1A. On the other hand, the annual calendar Nautilus has 5726/1A as its reference number. We highly suggest getting familiar with the official reference numbers prior to shopping for a Patek Philippe watch.

Beyond these differences are the different types of metals used in the Patek Philippe watches. The majority of them will be made out of rose gold (under the letter R), yellow gold (under the letter G), and stainless steel (under the letter A). Currently, Patek Philippe's stainless steel watches are the most popular. You may be surprised to learn that the stainless steel versions are the ones that have gone for the most amount of money out of any others. For example, the 1518 stainless steel model was sold for a massive $11 million. Another, the 5004A stainless steel model, sold for over half a million dollars.

How to Buy a Patek Philippe Watch

Wrist Aficionado carries an extensive collection of Patek Philippe timepieces. We are confident that you will find a timepiece that will match your taste and sensibility, as well as your price point. We are proud of the collection we carry and are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about Patek Philippe watches.

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