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The Rolex Daytona: Watch Enthusiasts Most Wanted

by Wrist Aficionado on

When you think of Daytona, we're pretty sure warm weather, great beaches and infamous racetracks for car racing comes to mind. Rolex has been the official "go-to" for NASCAR drivers providing reliable, durable and great power reserved sport watches for a number of years. Although many variations were created, it wasn't until 2019 when John Mayer showed the Rolex Daytona Green Dial, off in a music video, that everyone ran knocking down watch boutique doors to grab them a pair. This specific model was suddenly on the top of everyone's list---Yes, Mr. Mayer put this stylish watch on the top of the map. It attracted the likes of everyone, including celebrities such as, Jonah Hill and social media sensation, Supercarblondie! 



So what is it exactly about this wristwatch that made it such a high demand? Could it be the opulent 18k Yellow Gold Oyster bracelet? Or maybe, it's the vibrant Green dial that screams "Wealthy" whenever someone has it on. No matter what it may be, all we know is that this beauty is consistently sold out everywhere and people are paying any price to get their hands on one. This timepiece symbolizes a prestige club or someone's "stamp" that they've made it. Whether on the red carpet, shopping down 5th avenue or at a luxury club, The Rolex Daytona is sure to stand-out and turn heads wherever you go.


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