These Famous Rolex Watches Have Some Unusual Slang Names

Rolex watches are the most well-known luxury timepieces on the market. Even those who know next to nothing about luxury watches will have at least heard of a Rolex. However, only those who are luxury watch enthusiasts will know the various slang names that have arisen for famous watches like the GMT Master II. In this article, we will go over some of those slang names. Knowing these will help you blend in with others in the luxury watch market who call famous Rolex watches by their slang names rather than the official ones.

  • Batman – Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is sometimes called “Batman” due to the black and blue colors it is bestowed with on its Cerachrom bezel.

  • Bart Simpson – Rolex Submariner 5513 Gilt Dial

The Submariner 5513 with a gilt dial first came out in the 1960s, and in more recent years has been given the name "Bart Simpson" due to its stubby five-pointed Rolex crown logo. It's not hard to see how it could resemble Bart Simpson's character on the hit animation show.

  • Blueberry – Rolex GMT Master

The Rolex GMT Master has been called “Blueberry” for quite some time, yet nobody really knows the exact origin of the name. However, one look at the blue bezel explains why the name stuck.

  • Coca Cola – Rolex GMT Master & GMT Master II

Everyone knows the official Coca Cola colors are red and white. However, these are not exactly the colors on the GMT Master and GMT Master II. Instead, there is black and red prominently on these timepieces. The black is supposed to represent the dark liquid inside of a coke bottle or can, while the red stems from the soft drink company’s logo.

  • Fat Lady – Rolex GMT Master II ref 16760

This one can be confusing because the previous name (Coca Cola) also gets used for the GMT Master II. However, the name "Fat Lady" also stuck due to the thicker case, bezel, and crown guards. The curves on this watch also support the name.

  • Pepsi – Rolex GMT Master & GMT Master II

Perhaps the most famous slang name of all, the "Pepsi" Rolex name stuck due to the distinguished red and blue bezel that is a favorite for the GMT Master and GMT Master II. However, the colors were originally stemming from Pan Am Airlines' color scheme. 

  • Paul Newman – Rolex Daytona ref. 6239

Paul Newman is one of the most famous wearers of Rolex watches known to us today. This famous actor, who also got into car racing, received an engraved Rolex Daytona from his wife. The ref. 6239 model has square-ended indicators within the subdials, as well as a unique Art Deco font. 

  • Smurf – Rolex Submariner ref. 116619

One other Rolex watch slang name that you should know about is the “Smurf” that stuck for the Submariner ref. 116619. This watch debuted in 2008 and comes with an 18K white gold construction, along with a pure blue Cerachrom unidirectional bezel, the color of which looks like the Smurfs in the classic 80s cartoon.

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