Introducing Hublot’s New Luxury Bitcoin Watch That Requires You to Use Bitcoin to Buy

For the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s debut, Hublot has released a luxury watch that boasts an innovative design that Bitcoin bagholders will both love and appreciate. Named the BIG BANG MECA-10 P2P, this Bitcoin-themed Hublot watch has become quite a hit.

Before we get to talking about the watch itself, it is a good idea to let you know that this is one of the new BTC Hublot watches that is only available to buy using Bitcoin. That means if you don’t have any of this popular cryptocurrency, you’re going to have to find a way to get your hands on some.

Now, for the watch itself. It is actually very similar in many ways to other BIG BANG MECA-10 Hublot watches. There is a distinct cryptocurrency flair to it, however.

As with Bitcoin, there is a fixed amount of these watches that have been made, or will ever be made. This is by design, as a tip of the hat to Bitcoin’s 21 million coin supply. That is why there are only 210 of these watches on the market today.

The watch boasts a big 45mm case that is created out of black ceramic. There is also a unique identifier for each timepiece, which is another reference to Bitcoin. Specifically, it refers to the Bitcoin transaction that was used to purchase it. This identifier gets engraved right on the bezel.

If you thought that was the extent of the Bitcoin references on this timepiece, you’d be mistaken. There is a unique blockchain design that looks like something akin to circuits on the watchband. Hublot explains this as being representative of “the interconnection network of computers on which virtual money works.”

An impressive feature of this watch is its 10-day power reserve. That means you don’t need to rewind it for a full 10 days. This, as with many features of the Bitcoin-themed watch, is a reference to the cryptocurrency. It is supposed to symbolize the 10 years that Bitcoin has existed. However, every watch in the MECA-10 series also has a 10-hour power reserve.

Coupled with the release of this crypto-themed watch was a dramatic and bold promo video. The marketing team did a great job for this watch, and it shows. As for this  Hublot watch price, it was retail for around $25,000 (in Bitcoin, that is). However, given the high demand for it, along with the incredibly low supply, you may only find this watch today on the secondary market for much more.

Accepting Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, for a luxury watch is something of a first that Hublot can claim as its own. However, since you will probably not be able to snag one directly from Hublot anymore, you may not be paying for it in Bitcoin after all. That also means the Hublot watch price for this special Bitcoin version of the BIG BANG MECA-10 is going to be significantly marked up from its original retail price.

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