Why the Richard Mille RM-1104 Is Roberto Mancini’s Timepiece of Choice

Why the Richard Mille RM-1104 Is Roberto Mancini’s Timepiece of Choice

If you have ever seen Richard Mille watches, then you already know why Italian soccer manager Roberto Mancini adorns the black and blue RM-1104. This ultramodern luxury timepiece is a mechanical marvel that is also incredibly fashionable.

It does seem like there has to be a particular aesthetic you are looking to embody that is far from the usual kind, even among luxury watch aficionados. Richard Mille has never been afraid to think outside of the box and make loud, iconic, and massive watches. Someone like Roberto Mancini is a perfect fit for the RM-1104, and perhaps you are as well. 

If you aren’t the type of person who wants to have the freshest haircut, yet like ultra-lightweight seersucker jackets matched with minimalist suave, then you may fit right into the RM-1104 demographic. 

This automatic flyback chronograph is incredibly advanced under its massive casing. It has a dial that allows the watch to track half-time, extra time, and overtime for Roberto. While you may not need to keep as keen of an eye on a soccer match as he does, you may find this quite a useful feature for a number of other pursuits or tasks.

The incredibly intricate RM-1104 is a technological marvel whose interior movements are housed within the exclusive Carbon TPT case. Measuring 49.94mm x 16.5mm, this is a big yet lightweight case that is exceptionally durable and features superior shock protection.

It's impossible to speak about this unique addition to the Richard Mille collection without describing the case. The layered black carbon is definitely not for everyone. However, if you like bold designs on your timepieces, you will love the artistic variegated pattern.

If you move over to inspect the strap a little closer, we will see it is made of high-quality rubber that is an alluring shade of blue. This is in line with Richard Mille watches having something other than the usual metal or leather bands. 

Shifting to view the dial, we find that there is a mix of red, white, and green featured, which gives the watch a bit of cultural color, especially the Latin variety. Overall, the design of this watch is perfect for someone like Roberto Mancini, and it may be an ideal match for you as well.

When we get into the mechanical interior of the RM-1104, we find that the Swiss perfection we know and love is immediately apparent. There is a skeleton RMAC3 automatic movement within this timepiece, along with a flyback chronograph. You also have a variable geometry rotor, central minutes counter, and annual calendar. As far as Richard Mille watches go, this one has plenty of power reserve (45-55 hours).


The Richard Mille collection proudly calls the RM-1104 one of its own. It's no wonder that Roberto Mancini sports this ultra-modern timepiece on his wrist during matches. Thanks to him, this timepiece has increased in popularity, making it a highly sought watch. If you know anything about Richard Mille watches, you know that there is always a very limited quantity. This also translates into paying the lofty Richard Mille price. However, we consider the RM-1104 well worth it. Take a look at Wrist Aficionado’s RM-1104 and consider making it a part of your collection. 

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