The Diamond-Studded Richard Mille RM 07-01 Now Comes in Black Ceramic

Richard Mille RM07-01 Ladies' Black Ceramic

If you are the kind of person that likes to show off a little bit of flair with your accessories, then you're in for a treat. The new Richard Mille watch, 07-01, is strikingly bedazzling. There is a black ceramic case that is embedded with diamonds all around. If you are looking for a conservative timepiece, then you are not going to be interested in this one. However, if you like showing off, this Richard Mitch watch is for you.

On the Richard Mille 07-01, you will notice there is a tonneau-form case that is loved by some, but certainly known by luxury watch aficionados everywhere. The case is 45.66 mm x 31.04 and features red gold around the band, while sporting TZP black ceramic on its bezels.

Richard Mille watches are made with exceptional care and precision, with the 07-01 being no different. The case has been hand-finished and is incredibly smooth. The ceramic is an exceptionally fine grain, making it very enjoyable to the touch.

When it comes to the movement, there is an automatic caliber that is made out of high-quality grade 5 titanium. The movement is clearly visible from the entire back, and some of the front. The dial is made using onyx and red gold. Of course, it is encrusted with bedazzling diamonds all around it.

When we say this Richard Mille watch has diamonds, we' are not kidding in the least. The diamonds are practically everywhere, which is why you will be paying the Richard Mille price.

The diamonds are only one of the two major distinctive features of this luxury watch, the other being the black ceramic case. Of course, there are rows of diamonds on the outer bezel. The reason why this is exceptional is for the fact that this a brand new feature of a Richard Mille watch. In fact, nobody has ever done this before. That is due to the fact that ceramic is a motoriously fragile material. Yes, there are some notable luxury watches that also have diamonds. However, they are placed into metal bezels instead of a ceramic ones, which is what we find here.

The exquisite use of a cornucopia of diamonds on this timepiece is something to marvel at. What Richard Mille did was place diamonds 0.25 mm in diameter into red gold prongs. All of the precious gems are set into the black ceramic case, into holes carefully drilled out along the bezel.

Given the ceramic case, you probably think it feels exceptional while wearing it. However, it could be easier to wear than it is. That may cause you to reconsider, given that the Richard Mille price for this luxury watch will likely retail for somewhere near $170,000. That is a lot of money, so you will want to make sure you not only love its flashy and novel appearance, but that you enjoy how it wears.

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