$1 Million Richard Mille Watch Rafael Nadal Wore at the French Open

Professional tennis player Rafael Nadal has been a bit of a brand ambassador for the luxury watchmaker Richard Mille for over a decade now. It is no surprise then that he is wearing a custom-made Richard Mille watch at the French Open. This watch, costing just a hair above $1 million, is incredibly rare. Only 50 have ever been made available.

More specifically, this is a RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal. A luxury Richard Mille watch named after you is quite an accomplishment. However, given the incredibly strong relationship he had, the watchmaker has had with Rafael Nadal all these years.

Rafael has made quite a name for himself in tennis, being ranked #2 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals. It would be fitting, then, to design a watch whose face looks strikingly similar to a tennis racket. However, that is not the unique feature of this timepiece. In its entirety, this watch weighs just a fraction above one ounce.  That means you barely feel it when wearing it.

Rafael has been wearing this watch during practice matches, as well as real matches. He is also hardly the first to be a brand ambassador for a luxury watch manufacturer. Others, including Serena Williams, Stan Wawrinka, and Naomi Osaka, have all adorned luxe timepieces hovering in the five-figure territory.

The watch that Rafael Nadal wore at the French Open was new for 2020. Last year, he wore a 2019 model that was just shy of a million dollars, coming in at the cost of approximately $913,000. That is still quite an expensive timepiece for sure.

There are some marvelous features to the unique model Rafael wore during his playing at the French Open. There is the exceptional shock resistance that withstands shocks upward of 12,000 gs. Also, there is a novel TitaCarb material used for the case.

 The revolutionary look of this watch has undoubtedly turned heads, even if most people will never be able to sport this specific model on their wrists.

Consider a Richard Mille Watch Today

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