5 Benefits of Owning a Patek Philippe Watch

Audemars Piguet isn't the only luxury Swiss watchmaker. Patek Philippe has been in the business of making sophisticated watched since 1839. There are many watch aficionadoes who never even consider any timepiece other than a Patak Philippe watch. We will go over why people adore watching like the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Here are the five benefits of owning a Patak Philippe watch.

They Are Incredibly Rare
Did you know that less than a million Patek Philippe watches exist? To put this in perspective, some other watch manufacturers are producing over a million in a single year. The reason a Patek Philippe watch is such a rarity in the world is due to how incredibly detailed it is. Making a timepiece like this can take nine whole months, and that is just for the most basic ones! The more complex models will take over two years to make. With demand increasing every year, this scarcity is only rising. Thankfully, Wrist Aficionado has secured quality Patek Philippe watches, including the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

They Are Exquisitely Designed
The movements in one of these extraordinary Swiss watches are the true shining element it holds. Everything is hand-finished, leaving you to admire its unique beauty. The way the dials have been designed, with faceted batons and hand-polished hands, set apart a Patek Philippe watch from all other kinds. You will feel as if this watch was an extension if you when it is on your wrist.

They Make Excellent Investments
If you like your timepiece to double as an investment, then something like the Patek Philippe Nautilus is going to provide that for you. The secondary market will enthusiastically give several times their original retail price. If you purchased a Patek Philippe Nautilus in the 1970s for around $3,000, today you could easily get over $50,000 for it!

They Are All Guaranteed to Be Authentic
Each timepiece by Patek Philippe can be found in the special archives managed by the Swiss watchmaker. This ensures you can guarantee that your Patek Philippe watch is authentic and genuine. You will be able to identify the exact date it was produced and the original day it was sold. Even if you have a classic timepiece from 1839, there will be a record of it in the archives.

They Have the Unique Patek Philippe Touch
Everything from the design to the artistry to the craftsmanship all shines proudly from these watches. Even when these timepieces appear simple, there is a stunning amount of complexity underneath the case. This watchmaker is never one to take a shortcut in the production of their luxury watches. The majority of cases are produced in-house and generally made out of a single piece of solid gold or platinum. Patek Philippe makes use of watchmaking knowledge that has been passed down throughout the generations. Watches are truly not made like they used to be, with notable exceptions including Patek Philippe.

Wrapping Up
Wrist Aficionado has managed to compile an extensive collection of extraordinary Patek Philippe luxury timepieces for you to peruse. Whether you are interested in a Patek Philippe Nautilus or some other exquisite model from this Swiss watchmaker, you know you are getting one of the absolute best watches on the planet.
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