Introducing … the Self-Love Pendant

This meaningful jewel is a perfect present for oneself or a loved one.
Introducing … the Self-Love Pendant

Symbolically, jewelry and love are inextricably linked. Engagement rings represent the promise of lifelong commitment, and wedding bands the solidifying of that promise through marriage. Jewelry serves as a physical marker of a couple’s anniversary, as well, marking the years they spend together. 

Jewelry also symbolizes bonds beyond just romantic partnerships. Take friendship bracelets that mark some of our closest ties, or a necklace that a parent wears displaying their child’s name.  

Due to the lasting qualities of precious metals and gemstones, fine jewelry is the perfect canvas for one to express their love for another, and eventually pass these sentimental treasures down through generations. 

Though we may be familiar with jewelry as tokens marking our connections with other people, it’s just as important to honor the bond with oneself, though this sacred relationship is too often overlooked. 

Jewels Aficionado’s Self-Love Pendant is intended as a love letter from you, to you


A person’s relationship with themself is the well from which all other relationships spring, the foundation that all other connections are built upon. To nurture and appreciate oneself allows one to show up at their highest potential.

Just as a wedding ring is an ever present symbol of a commitment to a partner, or a necklace passed down from a grandparent is a daily reminder of family ties, the Self-Love Pendant was designed to symbolize honoring oneself. 

Available in the 26 letters of the alphabet, a classic heart handcrafted in solid 18-karat gold and marked with your initial in diamonds is a celebration of you and your life’s journey. We love it as a gift from you, to you, or as a message to a loved one, reminding them of their importance and impact. 

Wear it as a tangible reminder of your infinite value and worth. Engraved on the back is the phrase: “You Are Love.” Feel the energy of the phrase on your skin and know that you are enough, just as you are in this moment. 

Shop the Self-Love Pendant with an 18-karat gold paper clip chain, or with an 18-karat gold ball chain, for your own personalized dose of self-love. 

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