How to Measure the Value of Luxury Watches Costing $7,000-$10,000

When you are shopping for luxury watches and see prices between $7,000 and $10,000, can you discern what their true value is? That is something we are going to look at in this article, and we are going to use something called the Rolex Submariner Test.

Whether you are a seasoned buyer of luxury watches or are brand new at it, this test is a great way to identify a watch's value. The stipulation here is that it will help you place an accurate value on a luxury watch that is priced between $7,000 and $10,000. Does the watch you are thinking of buying provide the same, or more, value than the Rolex Submariner? If yes, your purchase will be a sound one.

Not All Watches Are Created Equal

A mantra to remember in the world of luxury watches is that not all timepieces are created equal. While you may assume that any luxury watch will deliver the value expected of it, this may not always be the case. How then, do you measure its value? Here is a tried-and-true method of doing just that.

Take a look at the baseline standard of luxury watches. This would be the Rolex Submariner family. This is a watch that will retain its value incredibly well over time. That is why this Rolex watch can be used to compare any other watch to it.

So, what makes the Submariner such a great comparison model? The most prominent feature is the brand name itself. Any authentic Rolex watch will carry with it sustained value. This includes when it eventually moves onto the resale market. The Rolex Submariner retains its value very well once it hits that market, making it a good comparison for another luxury watch you may be interested in purchasing.

One other key understanding you need to have is of luxury watches themselves. You really do need to know what makes them tick. What sort of casing does the watch have? The Rolex Submariner’s case is made out of durable high-grade steel. The internal mechanism is as precise as clockwork. The hands that indicate the time are made out of 18K white gold. Finally, the watch’s bracelet is luxuriously comfortable and made out of high-quality material. The more recent versions of the Rolex Submariner also include special ratcheting clasps that will guarantee a comfortable fit for any wrist.

While not all watches between $7,000 and $10,000 have to include these specific features, they should be comparable to these. A Rolex watch like the Submariner is considered to be the gold standard of watches within this price range.

You may wonder why get any other option instead of a Rolex watch. Well, you may occasionally come across a comparable luxury watch at a reduced price. If it passes the Rolex Submariner Test, then you can be quite confident that you are getting something with great value. When another similar watch contains a few precious stones, utilizes a more expensive precious metal, or has more complex or decorated mechanical movements, then you will be getting great value for your money when it falls within the $7,000 to $10,000 price range.

Apply the Rolex Submariner Test When Shopping

While good value is not something that everyone places great importance on, this may be important to you. If so, then apply the Rolex Submariner Test the next time to are shopping for a luxury watch. This Rolex watch sets the standard at which all other watches in its class can be measured.

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