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Wrist Aficionado Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

by Wrist Aficionado on

Holiday Gift Guides

With the holidays right around the corner, we are putting together a weekly run of gift ideas that tailor to the different members of your tribe!


Here at Wrist Aficionado, we are known for the rare watches we carry and inventory beautiful pieces of art, sculpture, and jewelry for both men and women.


Follow us for the rest of 2021 to help you give to those you wish to show your appreciation.


Berd Vaye: Passage Through Time


Time flows endlessly, but its horological heritage stands still. The vintage components are frozen in time in the hourglass shape.


This sculpture is perfect for the person that loves horology and art. Weighing in at 14 pounds and standing 21 inches high, this sculpture by Berd Vaye can sit perfectly on a mantle or coffee table. It is limited to 999 pieces and comes packed in a Berd Vaye wooden box, including authenticity papers.

Berd Vaye: A Passage Through Time


Chopard Classic Racing Pen


The sleek lines and sporty accents embody the feel of a racing car, in which Chopard wanted to pay tribute to legendary sports cars. Its body, sheathed in black rubber with a tire-tread motif, makes it a true masculine allure. 


You still can't sign a check without a pen or write out your intentions through a computer. Perfect for those who appreciate analog over digital practices.

Chopard: Classic Racing Pen


Wrist Aficionado Gold Cohiba Cufflinks


Besides a nice watch, this is the perfect addition to a cigar aficionados wrist. 

Crafted in 18K gold, with a mother of pearl inspired backdrop and hand-painted Cohiba cigars!

Gold Cigar Cufflinks

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