Here is a Sneak Peek at the $700,000 Richard Mille RM 52-06 Tourbillon Skull Watch

Richard Mille is known for the expensive luxury timepieces it creates, as well as the innovative and modern styles it crafts. The RM 52-06 Tourbillon Mask is one that has been turning heads ever since it was debuted towards the tail end of 2019. It was released as a limited edition for the United States market. The White Quartz TPT model is an especially eye-catching version of the 52-06 that deserves a few more words being written about it.

The TPT stands for “Thin Ply Technologies” and ensures the watch is made using incredibly lightweight, yet durable, material. Very thin strands of thin-ply quartz fibers have been expertly layered, resulting in an extraordinary aesthetic.

Every watch engineered and designed by Richard Mille is created with the ultra-rich in mind. Yet, they are also made so that casual observers and watch aficionados can marvel at its exquisite nature. Currently, there are four versions of the 52-06 Tourbillon Mask being rolled out. As with many RM watches, there is an incredibly small amount of watches available. Each one only has 18 pieces. You can also only get them in select locations within the United States. To get a Richard Mille NYC is where you will have to usually go. For Richard Mille New York is the main epicenters of its clientele, so it makes sense to offer more of their watches there.

If finding one was not challenging enough, affording one is even more difficult. That is because the RM 52-06 Tourbillon Skull watch is priced at an eye-popping $700,000. Prices on the secondary market are sure to go up from there.

For those who do not know, the initial RM 052 Tourbillon Skull timepiece debuted back in 2012. Richard Mille knows how to reinvent something as used as the skull motif, making this one out of high-quality titanium. It makes quite an impression when viewed.

The skull and movement are both integrated, with the skull actually serving as a wheel train and tourbillon bridge. The backside of the skull is a center bridge. It is also sandblasted with anglage, while the eight titanium bridges all connecting the skull to the case being easily viewed. The grade 5 titanium is superior to most you find on the market, and has all been sourced from a single block.

Most people see this luxe timepiece and immediately delegate it to be something that only those with nine figures could easily afford or appreciate. While this may be the case, everyone can still marvel at the superior craftsmanship and design of this extraordinary watch. As mentioned a little earlier, there are only 18 pieces in each variation. You have your pick of Carbon TPT, Quartz TPT, blue and white Quartz TPT, and red and white Quartz TPT. These watches retail for an eye-popping $698,000, so be ready to fork over quite a bit to get your hands on one.

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