Looking At The Rolex Air King Oystersteel - Black Dial 116900

The Rolex air king oystersteel black dial is among the first models of the Rolex brand.  Find out about features and history of this classic timepiece.
Looking At The Rolex Air King Oystersteel - Black Dial 116900
Historically, the Rolex Air-King has acted as an opening wedge into ownership of the classic Rolex timepiece. It enables enthusiasts to gain access to the fabled prestige, reliability and accuracy of the Rolex watch without any extra complications or features. Actually, the Air-King Rolex watch is among the first models of the brand dating back to 1945. The ‘Air’ series was meant to act as a tribute to the British Royal Air Force pilot in the course of World War II.

The manufacture of the Air-King series was terminated in 2014, but Rolex revamped it and re-introduced it to the market at Baselworld 2016 as an updated version – the Rolex Air-King reference # 116900. This Air-King model is significantly bigger compared to its predecessors. The original size casing was 34mm, but after undergoing a revamp, it now features a 40mm case diameter which injects a much more modern and sporty allure to the timepiece. Its internal Caliber 3131 movement and case are similar to the Milgauss, which gives it the same illustrious antimagnetic characteristics. The Air-King ref. 116900 comes with a 48 hours power backup and precise seconds time setting of +2/-2 seconds per day.

Another distinction of the ref. 116900 Air King model is the dial design. It has moved on from the previous version where the dials were clean, simple, and classically designed; the newer version has a more dynamic and rather elegant busy black dial. The dial has white gold 3-6-9 numbers and a conspicuous inverted triangle index acting as the 12-hour clock mark. The other parts of the dial feature white printed minutes colorations.

A fascinating design is the yellow and green color combo of the Rolex emblem and coronet with a corresponding green-color seconds-hand. The Rolex Air King Black Dial 116900 has been revamped and upgraded to suit the 21st century, and still acts as the same opening wedge but with a more contemporary style.

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