About Richard Mille Watches

Richard Mille watches for those who are determined to enjoy the finer things in life - and have reached stratospheric levels of success.
About Richard Mille Watches

In his book, 'Outliers' best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell theorizes that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to become an expert at what they do. So in order to reach the very pinnacle of business, or the arts - or for that matter master any pursuit, it takes time and dedication.

Dedication is a personality trait taken to its extreme by Richard Mille, prior to the launch of a watch collection that features timepieces that are now recognized as iconic masterpieces in terms of both technology and style. Mille started his journey toward success in the 1970s when he worked for Finhor, a French watchmaker. That company was bought out by Matra in the early 80s and Mille took another step on his stellar rise towards success when he was placed in charge of the watchmaking operation (in particular the Cupillard Rieme & Yema brand).

It was only seven years later when Richard Mille partnered with Audemars Piguet to launch his own brand of luxury timepieces, the first of which appeared two years after establishing his brand.

Today those creations can be seen gracing the wrists of the rich and famous, including stars of the silver screen such as  Jackie Chan and Natalie Portman and sports personalities such as Formula One Drivers and tennis star Rafael Nadal.

The timepieces range from the emphatically sport-oriented, such as the Felipe Massa Titanium Limited Edition (300 pieces), another iconic model with sporting credentials is the Richard Mille Automatic Winding Rafael Nadal edition. Other unique pieces include the ceramic coated Brown Ceramic Rose Gold TZP 'Asia Edition', the elegantly luxurious Richard Mille Rose Gold edition (the Richard Mille Rose Gold and Titanium edition adds the striking highlights and for the pinnacle of style there is always the Rose Gold and Diamonds version). Among other desirable designs are the Richard Mille Carbon Tourbillon with its striking transparent back face, the bold and striking Richard Mille 'Bubba Watson' edition Rose Gold Carbon TPT Diamond (also available in White Ceramic), the classic, yet sporting Black TPT, and the unique and cutting-edge Réglisse.

Richard Mille timepieces boast a unique style ethos, inspired by automotive design - both elegant, bold, and instantly recognizable. The timepieces break with tradition, while still demonstrating that attention to detail and the latest technology, combined with high-tech materials can result in the creation of something truly unique. With materials such as carbon nanotubes and toughened ceramic incorporated into the design, and titanium movements the iconic nature of these timepieces is plain to see.

Wearing one of Richard Mille's creations on one's wrist has become an integral part of what is now known as the 'Billionaires Handshake'. With prices ranging from $50,000 to several million dollars, these are watches that are coveted by many, but only accessible to the elite. They are a unique melding of luxury, style, and technology. This results in timepieces that are not only instantly recognizable but also lauded for an innovative approach to timekeeping. These are watches for those who are determined to enjoy the finer things in life - and have reached stratospheric levels of success.

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