5 Reasons Why Richard Mille Watches Are Highly Regarded

Richard Mille Black Phantom 50pc RM011

A Richard Mille watch is regarded as being one of the most exclusive and sought-after timepieces in the world. Today, Richard Mille enjoys exceptional popularity, even if very few can get their hands on one. This relative newcomer onto the luxury watch scene is making waves, and long-established watchmakers like Patek Philippe and Rolex are taking notice. Here are 5 reasons why Richard Mille watches are highly regarded today.

Sophisticated Watchmaking

It was only around 20 years ago that Richard Mille got started, with the help of Audemars Piguet and Renaud et Papi. The original vision was to craft high-end handmade watches that pushed the boundaries of what was possible. Richard Mille succeeded in doing just that.

The engineering that goes into a Richard Mille watch is nothing short of extraordinary. The first batch of 80 watches sold out instantly, even though the price was set at nearly $200,000. The movements are incredibly elaborate and intricate. They are simply mesmerizing to observe.

Distinctive Design

You can spot a Richard Mille watch from far away. Both the size and shape of one can be recognized as taking inspiration from automotive design. When it comes to the aesthetic, it is bold and daring. It becomes an instant conversation piece, with those seeing one marveling at the remarkable feat of engineering that exists in such a minuscule area.

Exceptionally Scarce

If you're hoping to get your hands on a Richard Mille watch, then you're going to have to pay the Richard Mille price. There are only 5,000 made every year. That is a meager figure for the amount of demand there is for these exceptional timepieces. However, it can still be considered to be a high production rate for such a young manufacturer. The rarity of Richard Mille watches means they often sell for very high prices.

Luxuriously Comfortable

As bulky as a Richard Mille watch looks, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear. It's normal for one to weigh between one and two ounces. How do they do it? It is seemingly impossible, yet here it is, staring at us in the face. The lightweight feel of a Richard Mille watch is coupled with a very solid construction. This could be attributed to special materials being used to take things to the boundaries of what is physically possible.

Statement Piece

If you want to make a statement, then allow a Richard Mille watch to adorn your wrist. These are timepieces that some of the world’s wealthiest and most elite power players wear. This high level of exclusivity is supported with the help of brand ambassadors like Formula One driver Felipe Massa and tennis champion Rafael Nadal, among others.

An Unparalleled Timepiece

You can now see just how exclusive a Richard Mille watch is. Thankfully, Wrist Aficionado has several to choose from. Of course, the highly scare and elite nature of these timepieces means they will cost far more than most other luxury watches. However, given the reasons mentioned earlier, you can now see that there are certainly worth it.

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