Shop Our Spring Kunzite Capsule Collection

Gemstone jewelry in the dreamiest spring shade makes the perfect gift.
Shop Our Spring Kunzite Capsule Collection

As Mother Nature wakes up, so do our wardrobes. It’s time to shed winter’s dark colors in favor of vibrant hues that mirror spring’s joyful attitude. 

Spring is the season of pastels. Think: the colors of Easter eggs and flowers beginning to bloom across gardens and parks. 

Your jewelry collection is the perfect outlet to express a lighter spring energy. While jewelry lovers are likely familiar with gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, you may not know about the dreamy pastel gemstones that are an essential addition to your jewelry box.

Kunzite is our top choice for a spring-appropriate gem. The stone is known for its unique lavender shade, falling somewhere between pink and violet and possessing an ethereal, otherworldly tone.  

Kunzite’s color is distinctly different from amethyst, morganite, or pink or purple sapphires, making it a must-have for discerning jewelry lovers who want to stand out from the crowd with something irresistibly different. 

Shop our kunzite spring capsule collection with four special statement jewels ideal for heralding the warmer days ahead. 

As the days lengthen, a cocktail ring is perfect for afternoons by the pool and lunch dates on the patio.

This 15.48-carat oval-shaped kunzite ring will surely be a topic of conversation. Free of distractions, the 18-karat white gold setting and diamond halo are the perfect complements to the stone. 

Among an array of classic fine jewelry staples–tennis bracelets, diamond necklaces, and signed jewelry from houses like Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari–every jewelry lover should have at least one unique statement piece in their repertoire. 

This kunzite pendant is just such a jewel. An expert gemstone cutter, trained by the generations that preceded him, has translated the rough gemstone mined from the earth into an avant-garde shape that defies traditional categorization. 

The unique fancy cut weighing 29.93 carats was perfectly designed to keep as much of the original rough crystal as possible, then finessed to be pleasing to the eye. The shape is further accentuated with a diamond halo border.


Whether worn as a man’s pinky signet ring or a woman’s utilitarian cocktail ring, this 24.30-carat kunzite set in 18-karat white gold is the perfect spring and summer jewel. 

The rare gemstone cut executed by a master gem cutter is balanced with a smattering of diamonds that create an overall harmonious geometric structure. 

With its hefty metal gold setting, the style is meant to be noticed. 

In the final piece of the kunzite capsule collection, prepare to fall in love with rose gold. 

The warm 18-karat gold setting picks up on the stone’s pink and purple hues. With its elegant claw prongs, the metal basket perfectly curves around the 34.54-carat oval-shaped gemstone

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