Ferrari Has Just Made Richard Mille Its Official Timekeeper

Recently, Ferrari has bestowed a special role upon luxury watchmaker Richard Mille. It has made the company its official timekeeper for its races. This decision shows you just how highly Ferrari sees Richard Mille and the precision of its timepieces.

Recently, the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team has made an announcement of a partnership with Richard Mille that will span several years going forward. Richard Mille will not only help out Formula One with highly-accurate timekeeping, but also be sponsoring Competizioni GT, as well as the Ferrari Challenge Series. Richard Mille will also be partnering with the Ferrari Driver Academy, and it will also be a technical partner for Ferrari's foray into e-sports.

Richard Mille will enjoy some perks from being picked up as a partner of Ferrari. The Swiss-based luxe watchmaker will be receiving branding that will be displayed on Ferrari's 2021 challenger, along with the racing suits drivers wear. Other gear, including helmets, will also feature Richard Mille branding.

Another exciting feature of the partnership between Richard Mille and Ferrari is the collaboration on a series of watches that will have a high level of exclusivity, and will be offered to high-end consumers. The RM envy will be very high for the cross-section of people who love Richard Mille and Ferrari, leading to boasting privileges for those who manage to snag one of them.

This year’s Formula One season will begin on March 26th at the Bahrain International Circuit. That will be the earlier we will get to see the partnership of Richard Mille and Ferrari in action. If you are hoping to get your hands on one of the highly-exclusive timepieces that will be made thanks to the partnership, you can do your best to get one. However, given just how exclusive and limited this series will be, it may prove to be quite challenging.

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