Jacob & Co. 'Love Lockdown' Wristlet Handcrafted Rose Gold 91638482

$17,550.00 $27,000.00 -35% OFF

Jacob & Co. 'Love Lockdown' Wristlet Handcrafted Rose Gold 91638482

$17,550.00 $27,000.00 -35% OFF

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Product Description

For those seeking a distinctive expression of enduring love, these hand-cuff themed jewels offer a unique and captivating way to convey your feelings to a significant other. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, fashioned from exquisite 18k Rose Gold, the jewelry not only carries the weight of 63.3g but also the weight of sentiment and sophistication. Not just accessories - but tangible expressions of deep emotion in refined craftsmanship.

18k Rose Gold
Weight 63.3g
Size 17cm
Ref 91638482


Indulge in the allure of the 'Love Lockdown' wristlet by Jacob & Co., a symbol of enduring love and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wristlet is handcrafted in luxurious 18k Rose Gold, exuding sophistication and sentiment in equal measure.


For those who seek a distinctive expression of love, the hand-cuff themed design offers a unique and captivating way to convey deep emotions to a significant other. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this wristlet carries the weight of sentiment and sophistication, making it more than just an accessory but a tangible expression of profound emotion.


Each piece is fashioned with precision and care, ensuring both durability and elegance. The substantial weight of 63.3 grams adds to its luxurious feel, while the size of 17cm ensures a comfortable fit for any wearer.


Elevate your style and express your love with the Jacob & Co. 'Love Lockdown' wristlet, where refined craftsmanship meets heartfelt sentiment.


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