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The 2000's Era: The Birth Of The RM005

by Wrist Aficionado on

Let's take a trip to 2004 fashion--and no we aren't referring to the Ed Hardy tees, bootcut jeans and Von Dutch trucker hats (although those trends were priceless) but when Richard Mille introduced its first automatic model, the RM 005. 


The RM005 was a daring and innovative style inspired by the Formula 1 racing cars. The watch features a brushed titanium case with polished edges and a skeletal dial with steel hour markers. The design complimented the trendiest styles and you were viewed with incredible stature if you were spotted wearing one. It showed that you were rich. Like really really rich. Tom Cruise rich--and possessed a certain net worth. Spotted on moguls such as Jay-Z, Sylvester Stallone, Alexis Pinturaul, Rafael Nadal, Jackie Chan (Well, you get the picture) and so many more, you can see why this watch symbolizes wealth and a prestige coterie. The RM005 is one of the most sought out timepieces with its exceptional design and operations. 

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