Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watch Reviews

This article provides a comprehensive review of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watch.
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watch Reviews

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is a luxury sports watch, sometimes known as the "Nautilus Light." The product was launched in 1997 - 150 years after Patek Philippe was founded - and combines sophisticated style details with exceptional performance to give you a superior timepiece at an affordable price. Thanks to its 120-meter water resistance feature, divers prefer the watch compared to any other luxury watch on the market today. The original Aquanaut - the 5060 series or Ref. 5060 - had a three-part case and a screw-down crown. It featured an octagonal shape inspired by the iconic Nautilus.

The Case, Strap, And Dial Of The Watch

The Aquanaut Chronograph is available in precious metal for the first time in the history of Patek Philippe watches. The product is rendered in 18K white gold and anointed with the luxurious heft of precious metal and stainless steel for the best of both worlds. The case comes with a simple three-piece construction though it's a bit similar to the Nautilus. In fact, the Aquanaut got rid of the famous ears and integrated bracelet, and its simplicity is less refined. The tropical strap is still available on the new Aquanauts and is considered an innovation in watch straps. On the other hand, there is a great-looking textured pattern with raised guilloche design seen on the dial of the watch.

Only 1,000 watches of the original Aquanaut (ref. 5060A & 5060J) were initially released by the brand. They are difficult to come by today. While the Ref. 5060A was made with stainless steel, the 5060J was made with 18k yellow gold. Both these products had a 36mm diameter and relied on Patek Philippe’s caliber 330 SC movements. The company added the "Jumbo" to its new line soon after the Ref. 5060 was released. The Jumbo had a 38mm case as well as similar design details. The Aquanaut Jumbo or Ref. 5065 was made with stainless steel and the Aquanaut Ref. 5065A in 18k yellow gold.

The entire collection of Patek Philippe watches come in different case, dial, and strap color options for you to choose from. Whether you prefer the rugged durability and classic style of stainless steel, or you prefer options such as white gold, rose gold, or diamonds, Patek Philippe Aquanaut has a watch for you.

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