A Style That "G-Shocked" The World: Meet the 18k 'Pure Gold' G-Shock Wristwatch

A Style That

Remember the popular era of G-shock watches? There were pink, blue, red and many other colors we've all grown to love. G-shock changed the game with street style fashion, but it wasn't until the 2019 model that it truly shocked the world for watch admirers. 

Crafted with a gold-tone case and bracelet, how can one not feel the elegance and luxury of this design? It was instant love at first site. Initially, this model was never going to be released to the public. It was just for show and a few "oohs" and "ahhs", but once it became a viral sensation, Casio's tone changed and decided to release it in limited quantity. Yes! Only 35 were made in Japan and out of that number, only 10 were allocated to the U.S (so you can imagine the high demand in getting one first). This timepiece is also very pricey---$70,000 to be exact! Although it's the brand's most expensive style, it has great reason to be. It features a smooth bezel with "G-shock" engraved on it and weighs 300 grams due to the full solid 18k gold construction. It is water and shock resistant and includes a mirror-polished case middle and a Black LCD display. So if you have an extra $70k just laying around, we would highly recommend this luxury timepiece

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