A Close Look at the Richard Mille RM 11-03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Red Quartz FQ TPT Watch

Everyone in the luxury watch community knows that if you want a Richard Mille watch, you are going to have to pay the Richard Mille price. That is one of the key defining aspects of the brand, which wants to be seen as a luxe watchmaker that only a small few can easily afford. There are continually more watches being crafted by Richard Mille, with the RM 11-03 being one of the latest to hit the market.

The RM 11 has seen updates periodically. Today, there is a new addition: the RM 11-03 FQ TPT. As a new timepiece in a decade-old line of Richard Mille watches, this new debut is going off of the RMAC3 movement. Compared to the highly-complex movements of most of this company's watches, it is actually a bit simpler.

The distinct look of this watch is bold and captures the attention of all those who see it. The aesthetic textured look of the watch's case matches it with a modern-day style that is fashionable right now. The TPT case materials help produce the striking character of the watch's case.

There are mounts that the movement gets fixed to, which are connected to the case. This differs from what is usually done, which is the separation of the movement holder ring from the case. Like all Richard Mille watches, this is a big one at 44.5mm wide (excluding the crown), 44.94mm high, and 16.15mm thick. The strap is made out of rubber, making it exceptionally comfortable compared with metal wristbands.

With this watch, you also receive an automatic flyback chronograph movement that lasts for 50 hours. This type of movement does not require the chronograph to be reset before starting up again, which is a nice feature. There is also a 12-hour counter, with the hours and minutes getting counted in the same dial. You also get a 60-minute countdown dial, along with a giant date indicator alongside the month indicator. You essentially have a yearly calendar on this watch, which is a rarity.

The combination of organic-like texture and modern design has driven the watches by this company to the height of popularity with younger generations. There are unique red and black lines that were crafted as a byproduct of machining the case, giving smoothness to the industrial finish.

Looking at this timepiece at first glance, you will see that it looks kind of like a racing machine of its own, yet one that you wear on your wrist. After all, Richard Mille often gets its inspiration from Formula One race cars.

This timepiece has been capturing the attention of those who can afford the Richard Mille watch price of $173,500, as well as those who are looking for a different kind of watch that will make a statement and display their status in life.


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