Jacob & Co. Astronomia 750.150.4 Gravitational Triple Axis Automatic Tourbillon Piece Unique (2018)

$450,000.00 $900,000.00 -50% OFF

Jacob & Co. Astronomia 750.150.4 Gravitational Triple Axis Automatic Tourbillon Piece Unique (2018)

$450,000.00 $900,000.00 -50% OFF

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Product Description

Introducing the Jacob & Co Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Automatic Tourbillon Piece Unique (Reference: 750.150.4), a horological marvel from 2018. Encased in luxurious yellow gold with a 50mm diameter and 25mm thickness, this unique timepiece features an automatic movement and a distinctive magnesium dial. Atop the movement sits a 2-carat Yellow Sapphire, and the alligator leather bracelet ensures both comfort and style. The globe of the earth crafted from magnesium adds an exquisite touch. Exclusive to Jacob & Co, the Jacob Cut, a unique spherical gem, enhances the watch's elegance. This Astronomia Gravitational Tourbillon comes in new condition with its original box and papers, emphasizing its rarity and sophistication.

*The original retail price is $900,000 and is a limited edition. 

Reference Number  750.150.4

Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Automatic Tourbillon

Piece Unique

Movement Automatic
Case Material Rose Gold
Bracelet Material Alligator Leather
Dial Magnesium Dial
Case Diameter 50mm; thickness: 25mm;
Year 2018
Condition New
Box & Papers Original box, original papers


The Astronomia Tourbillon, a timepiece that redefined the limits of luxury timekeeping, continues to challenge the frontiers of high watchmaking. The Jacob & Co. Astronomia 750.150.4 Gravitational Triple Axis Automatic Tourbillon Piece Unique stands as a one-of-a-kind timepiece.


Jacob & Co. made history by transforming the tourbillon into a multi-axis, vertical spectacle, in perpetual motion. The enchanting and captivating Astronomia movement stands as an iconic symbol in the realm of horology, forever changing the landscape of watch design.


The forefront of contemporary watchmaking features the triple-axis tourbillon in the Astronomia Tourbillon. This intricately adorned cage of the triple-axis tourbillon houses essential components such as the balance wheel, hairspring, and escape wheel. Noteworthy for its openwork design, this exceptional tourbillon gracefully rotates on three axes simultaneously. Comprising finely finished components, the JCAM10, when meticulously assembled and tuned, ensures precise timekeeping across its impressive 60-hour power reserve.


The Jacob Cut stands as a one-of-a-kind spherical gem available exclusively from Jacob & Co., representing a unique fusion of innovation, creativity, and precision.

Originating from a significantly larger rough diamond, often double the eventual size of the finished product, the Jacob Cut undergoes a meticulous process. Initially machine-cut into a near-final spherical shape, the rough diamond is then expertly crafted by a master gem cutter who sculpts the distinctive 288 facets. This intricate process results in the exquisite and uniquely crafted Jacob Cut diamond.

Positioned atop the entire movement, just beneath the curved sapphire crystal, resides a stunning 2-carat Yellow Sapphire of the utmost quality.


Crafted from blue-lacquered magnesium, the globe features white gold continents, ensuring uniform weight across all four satellites.


Witnessing it is truly remarkable, and grasping its intricacies is quite challenging.


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