Boucheron Sapphire Blackened Gold Secret Ring

$9,295.00 $14,300.00 -35% OFF

Boucheron Sapphire Blackened Gold Secret Ring

$9,295.00 $14,300.00 -35% OFF

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Product Description

Boucheron Sapphire Blackened Gold Secret Ring

This Boucheron, Paris "secret" ring is modeled after the original “poison” rings of the past. Designed in blackened 18K gold, it’s tightly set with 6.42 carats of deep blue sapphires, and features a top that swings open to reveal a hidden compartment.


Step into the mystique of the past with the Boucheron Sapphire Blackened Gold Secret Ring, inspired by the enigmatic "poison" rings of antiquity.


Crafted by Boucheron, Paris, this ring exudes an aura of secrecy and intrigue. Fashioned from blackened 18K gold, it embodies a sense of mystery and allure.


The centerpiece of this mesmerizing ring is its 6.42 carats of deep blue sapphires, tightly set to create a captivating contrast against the dark backdrop of the gold. Each sapphire radiates a rich hue, adding depth and sophistication to the design.


But the true magic lies within its secret. The top of the ring swings open, revealing a hidden compartment—a nod to the clandestine nature of its historical predecessors.


Whether worn as a symbol of elegance or as a mysterious conversation starter, the Boucheron Sapphire Blackened Gold Secret Ring is a testament to craftsmanship and intrigue, a treasure to be cherished and admired.


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